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Welcome to HAVEN, INT'L (Hope Alive For Vision Empowerment Network, Int'l)

HAVEN, INT’L (Hope Alive For Vision Empowerment Network, Int’l) provides support & referral services, including mental health and transitional housing, to crime victims. Our main goal is to help vulnerable individuals reach their potential and become empowered to live a better quality of life.

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Serving for the FUTURE

We strive to create a community where everyone gets the chance to live a wholesome life.

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    Our Commitment mission statement

    Our mission is to serve communities with programs and services that promote wholesomeness; provide food for the soul, mind, and body; nourish the body; empower the mind and soul; and quicken the...

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    Showing Care, Serving Others be a volunteer

    Start making a difference today. If you are passionate about helping individuals live better lives, then we welcome you to support our cause. Please click on the link below to sign up as a volunteer.

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Extending Help,Enriching Lives

Each day, we're focused on providing individuals in need with opportunities to become greater than their challenges!